Refilling Lexmark 36 & 37 Inkjet Cartridges

As soon as the Lexmark printer thinks the cartridges are empty, it essentially blows a small a fuse on the copper contacts of the “36” and “37” cartridges. So, while you can put ink in to them, they will come up with an error message and will not allow you to print.

These cartridges are known as “Return Program Cartridges”, which means Lexmark sell them to you slightly cheaper than normal, in return for sending the empty cartridge back to them.

However, if you can find “36A” and “37A” cartridges, these do not contain such a fuse, and will work after they have been refilled. They will continually tell you that they are empty, and you just need to press “OK” to continue printing. The copper contacts on the cartridge are very fragile, and will eventually die, which means you will still need to buy a new cartridge at some point.

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