HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink Service replaces expensive cartridges with a subscription based on the number of pages you print. Three plans are currently available in the UK.

Cost Per MonthPages Per Month
£1.9950 pages
£3.49100 pages
£7.99300 pages

A printed page is described by HP as any page with ink on it. So a page with one sentence on is treated the same way as an A4 photo. Unused pages do appear to rollover to the following month, but there are some limitations. You can go over these monthly limits for additional one off payments.

Your printer must be connected to the internet, and HP will monitor your printing. Once you have signed up to the service, you are sent new HP Instant Ink cartridges to use with your printer. These cartridges hold more ink, suggesting you will not have to change the cartridges very frequently. This does beg the question that if larger cartridges are possible with this HP Instant Ink program, why are they not available to buy in the first place? When the cartridges are getting low, your printer will automatically call HP to send new cartridges in the post. In theory, you should never be without ink.

A big drawback to this service is that only certain printers can be used on HP’s Instant Ink Service. So you may need to invest in a new printer to take advantage of this offer.

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The cheapest deal at £1.99 is for 50 pages. That equates to 600 pages a year, just over a ream of paper, for £24.00. It sounds particularly good if those 600 pages were A4 photos! On the face of it, it does sound a pretty good deal. I just wonder what information HP actually take from your internet connected printer. It is certainly a program I will be looking into further, it may be the new way to run printers in the future.

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