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Google Cloud Print

By: Printerthinker - 02 August 2013

Google Cloud Print will link any printers that are connected to your computer with your Google Account. You can then log into chrome on any PC, or a Chromebook and use the printer without having to install it. Google Cloud Print is still in beta, but I have to say if really is starting to show some potential.

Setting up Google Cloud Print is pretty easy, first open Chrome, log in to your Google Account, and head to

Most printers are not currently Cloud Ready, so for this guide we shall choose to “add a classic printer”.

Google Cloud Print 1

Now click on the menu button in the top right hand corner of Chrome, and click “Settings”

Google Cloud Print 3

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click and “Show advanced settings”. This will expand the page and offer more options.

Google Cloud Print 4

Find the heading “Google Cloud Print” and click on “Add printers”

Google Cloud Print 5

Google will search for any printers that are already installed on the computer. Choose the printer you want to link with your Google Account, and click on “Add printer(s)”

Google Cloud Print 6

You should now see a confirmation screen, click on “Manage your printers” to see a list of the printers linked to your account.

Google Cloud Print 7

Not only will you have the ability to use your printer, but you now also have the option to save your print job direct to Google Drive. You will also notice that you can share your printer with another Google Account, so you can share the printer with other members of your family, or even work colleagues if you are based in a small office.

Google Cloud Print 8

To test that it has been set up correctly, I created a quick document in Google Drive and clicked on the print icon.

Google Cloud Print 9

The normal print dialogue box will appear.

Google Cloud Print 10

Clicking on “Change” will show a list of all the available printers, including a new heading “Google Cloud Print”. Select your printer, and send the print job.

Google Cloud Print 11

A few caveats - The computer that the printer is installed on must be switched on and be logged in to your Google Account. Google Cloud Print sends the print job to that computer and uses the printer driver installed on it. Currently, Google Cloud Print only works from within Chrome, however, they have just released a piece of software for Microsoft Windows, which will allow you to print from applications such as Microsoft Word.