Epson XP-255 - Wi-Fi WPS Setup

YouTube Video: Wi-Fi WPS Setup

  1. Ensure the printer is switched on
  2. When the printer is ready
  3. Hold the "Wi-Fi" button for around 3 seconds
  4. The Wi-Fi light will begin to flash
  5. Find the "WPS" button on your router
  6. Hold for around 3 seconds
  7. After some time
  8. The "Wi-Fi light should turn a solid green
  9. Indicating the printer has connected

Epson XP-255 - Change Ink Cartridge

YouTube Video: Changing Ink Cartridge

  1. Ensure the printer is switched on, and lift the printer lid.
  2. If the ink light is on, press the red "cancel" button.
  3. If the ink light is off, hold the red "cancel" button for around 6 seconds.
  4. The cartridges will move to the middle.
  5. The arrow will point to an empty cartridge.
  6. Press the "cancel" button again and the carriage will move to indicate another empty cartridge
  7. Or it will move to allow you to change the cartridges.
  8. Pull the cartridge tab towards you to release it.
  9. Slide in the new cartridge in until it clicks in to place.
  10. Press the red "cancel" button when you have replaced the necessary cartridges.
  11. Close the printer lid.

Epson XP-255 - Copying

YouTube Video: How to Copy

Epson XP-255 - Load Paper Tray

YouTube Video: Load Paper Tray

  1. Lift the input cover at the back
  2. Extend the paper input tray
  3. Adjust the paper guide
  4. Slide the paper in
  5. Adjust the paper guide
  6. Extend the paper output tray