Epson Expression XP-212 - Nozzle Check

If you have poor quality print, run a nozzle check to confirm the print head is blocked.

  1. Turn the printer off
  2. While holding down the cancel button, press the power button.
  3. Once the printer has powered on, release both buttons.
  4. A nozzle pattern will now print.

Epson Expression XP-212 - Head Clean

If the nozzle pattern has any gaps, then a head clean may help to clear the blockage. A head clean takes ink from the cartridges and flushes it through the print head. Do not do too many head cleans as this will use up all your ink.

  1. Turn the printer on
  2. Hold down the cancel button for three seconds.
  3. The power light will begin to flash indicating that the head cleaning routine is in progress.
  4. When the power light stops flashing, run a nozzle check to confirm there is an improvement.

Epson Expression XP-212 - Change Ink Cartridges

Youtube Video: Change Ink Cartridge