Canon PIXMA TR4550


The auto document feeder and fax are the only reasons to take this machine over the other budget Canon printers.

The printer came with a black (PG-545) and a colour (CL-546) ink cartridge. The print quality is decent and the machine can print double sided.

If you need to use the manual scanner, the hinges on the lid raise up slightly to allow room for a thin book to be copied.

The auto document feeder holds around 20 sheets of paper but can only scan single sides, so copying double sided documents appears to be a little tricky. However, it copies a single sided document seemingly with ease, producing a copied page every 10 seconds or so. The auto document feeder pulls the paper in nice and slowly, rather than a fast jolt.

While the keypad feels fairly solid, the plastic is a little flimsy, but no worse than any other budget printer.

It’s a great budget printer, and does everything to a decent standard. It is a handy little machine to have for scanning small documents and invoices to a computer. If you are looking for something more robust, you may find Canon’s Maxify range to be more appropriate.


Unboxing, setup and quick double sided copy test of a Canon PIXMA TR4550 printer.

YouTube Video: Canon PIXMA TR4550 Unboxing, Setup and Quick Test

Changing the ink cartridge

YouTube Video: Canon PIXMA TR4550 Change the ink cartridge

  1. Switch the printer on
  2. Open the printer cover
  3. The cartridges will move to the middle
  4. Push down on the cartridge to release it
  5. Slide the empty cartridge out
  6. Slide the new cartridge in
  7. Push up until it clicks in to place
  8. Close the printer cover

Reset the ink levels on the cartridge

The printer is unable to see exactly how much ink is left inside the cartridge. The copper contacts on the outside of the cartridge contain the ink level information. It is not possible to reset the ink levels to full. If you refill your cartridge, the printer will always show an empty cartridge message.

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