Canon PIXMA MP495

Canon MP495 – Printer LEDs

A B LED light denotes that the black ink cartridge is running low.

A C LED light denotes that the colour ink cartridge is running low.

If the alarm light is on (lightning bolt in a triangle) it should be accompanied by an error code.

Canon MP495 – Error Codes

If the printer displays an error message, the following information should help to diagnose the problem.

The led screen on the printer will flash a letter E and will then be followed by two numbers:

Error Description More Info
Error E02 The machine is out of paper or will not feed.
Error E03 Paper jam or output tray is closed. More Info
Error E04 The Cartridge cannot be recognised. More Info
Error E05 The Cartridge cannot be recognised. More Info
Error E07 Cartridge is not installed in the correct position. More Info
Error E08 Ink absorber is almost full. More Info
Error E13 The remaining ink level cannot be detected. More Info
Error E14 The Cartridge cannot be recognised. More Info
Error E15 The Cartridge cannot be recognised. More Info
Error E16 The ink has run out. More Info
Error P02 Carriage encoder error. More Info
Error P03 Line feed error. More Info
Error P07 The waste ink absorber is full. More Info
Error P08 Print head fault. More Info
Error P10 Print head fault. More Info
Error 5100 Carriage Encoder error. More Info
Error 5200 Print head fault. More Info
Error 6000 Line feed error. More Info
Error B200 Print head fault. More Info
Error 5B00 The waste ink absorber is full. More Info

Canon MP495 – Error E03

This error is normally the result of a paper jam. Small pieces of paper can get caught inside the printer mechanism if you had to rip the paper out of the machine. Have a really good look inside to see what is still stuck.
It may not be paper that is causing the jam. It is quite easy to put an object on top of the printer only for it to fall in to the printer accidentally.

Canon MP495 – Error E05 / Error E07

This error is shown when there is a fault with one of the cartridges. Remove both cartridges and then insert them again.

Having some old cartridges around can be handy in this case. Change each cartridge in sequence until the error clears, this should help you identify which cartridge is causing the problem.

Canon MP495 – Error P02 / Error 5100

The Canon MP495 can display this error for a few reasons. It could be that one or both of the cartridges are not inserted into the printer correctly. One or both of the cartridges may have failed electrically, and need to be replaced.

There may be a paper jam, check the printer thoroughly for any small pieces still stuck inside.

The encoder film strip may have some dirty marks on it, and therefore needs cleaning. The encoder film strip in the clear strip of plastic that the printer carriage runs on. Be extremely careful when touching this, as it is very delicate.

Canon MP495 – Error P03 / Error 6000

This is a major fault. You may be able to fix it yourself if you are willing to take the machine apart and spend some time with it.

Youtube video: Fix error P03

Canon MP495 – Error P07 / Error 5B00 / Error E08

This error is shown when the waste ink absorber is full in the printer. Every time the printer runs a head cleaning routine, it flushes some ink through the print heads to keep them clean and clear. That ink runs in to the waste ink absorber. It is normally a large sponge or tank.

The absorber can be can be cleaned, emptied and reset but it is an extremely difficult and messy process. This means that the printer is at the end of it’s life. Be careful when moving and disposing of the printer though. The ink absorber is full and so there is a small chance of the printer leaking when it is moved! To be on the safe side, put it in a large bag first.

Canon MP495 – Error P08 / Error P10 / Error 5200 / Error B200

This error is shown when there is a faulty cartridge or a problem with the logic board in the printer.

Most cases are due to the cartridge, and can be rectified by replacing the faulty cartridge. This can be checked by installing some old cartridges to see if the error clears.

If it is the logic board, it is cheaper to replace the printer than to repair it.

Canon MP495 – Reset Ink Levels on the Cartridges

The printer cannot physically see inside the cartridges to find out how much ink is left. The copper contacts on the outside of the cartridge contain the ink level information. It is not possible to reset the ink levels to full. If you refill your cartridge, the printer will always show an empty cartridge message.

You can override the empty cartridge message by holding down the “stop / reset” button on the printer for around five seconds. The printer should continue printing, and use any of the remaining ink in the cartridge.

If the printer thinks that both cartridges are empty, you will receive a second error message, and you will need to hold the button for another five seconds.

If the electronics on the cartridges have failed, unfortunately this process will not work.

Youtube Video: Override the empty cartridge message.

Canon MP495 – Change Ink Cartridge

Youtube Video: Change Ink Cartridge

Canon MP495 – Maintenance Codes

There are a number of maintenance procedures you can run without the need of a computer. By pressing the maintenance button (looks like a spanner and a screwdriver) repeatedly, you can cycle through the following codes.

Code Maintenance More Info
A Print nozzle check pattern. More Info
H Run head cleaning routine. More Info
Y Run deep head cleaning routine. More Info
u Print out alignment page. More Info
U Align page More Info
L Print out head position adjustments. More Info
b Clean the paper feed roller. More Info
J Clean the bottom plate. More Info
d Switch paper size. More Info
r Switch to prevent paper abrasion. More Info

Canon MP495 – Nozzle Check

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “A”. Now press the black or colour copy button to print out a nozzle check pattern.

If there are any missing lines in the pattern, or white streaks in the blocks of colour, then it may be worth running a head cleaning routine.

If the patterns and blocks of colour are good, then no further action is required.

Canon MP495 – Head Cleaning Routine

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “H”. Now press the black or colour copy button to run a head cleaning routine.

This procedure takes some ink from the cartridges and flushes it through the print heads to try and remove any blockages. These blockages are the main causes of poor quality print.

Be warned, every head cleaning routine run will use some of the ink from the cartridges, and is the quickest way to use up all of the ink.

Canon MP495 – Deep Head Cleaning Routine

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “Y”. Now press the black or colour copy button to run a deep head cleaning routine.

This procedure is very similar to the standard head cleaning routine, but should be used when there are significant blockages in the print head.

However, this process will use a large quantity of ink in order to flush the print heads. Use this sparingly, it can be very easy to run a few of these procedures and use all of your ink.

Canon MP495 – Alignment Page

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “u”. Now press the black or colour copy button to print the alignment page.

If the print is blurry or misaligned, this process should help rectify the problem.

Take the alignment page and place it printed side down on the scanner. Make sure the printed triangle in the corner of the page is aligned to the same corner as the embossed arrow on the plastic surround of the scanner. Close the scanner lid. The LED should now be displaying an uppercase “U”. Press the black or colour copy button to complete the automatic alignment.

Canon MP495 – Clean Paper Feed Roller

Remove all paper from the printer.

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “b”. Now press the black or colour copy button to run the first cleaning phase of the paper feed roller.

Once the paper feed roller has stopped rotating, place three sheets of plain paper in to the paper tray. Make sure “b” is still showing on the LED and press the black or colour copy button.

Once the cleaning routine has finished, press the stop / reset button to return to stand by mode.

Canon MP495 – Bottom Plate Cleaning

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “J”. Now press the black or colour copy button to clean the bottom plate.

If your prints are coming out dirty, there may be stains on the inside of the printer. This procedure will help to clear these away.

Canon MP495 – Switch Paper Size

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “d”. Now press the black button to switch to A4, or the colour button to switch to Letter.

Canon MP495 – Prevent Paper Abrasion

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “r”. Now press the black button to allow for thicker paper to run through the printer.

Press the maintenance button on the printer repeatedly until the LED displays “r”. Now press the colour copy button to allow for thiner paper to run through the printer.

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88 Responses

  1. ame says:

    worked like a charm

  2. PERLA says:


  3. VVet says:

    Thank you ! Saved my bacon

  4. rdsmith says:

    Can’t get anything to work! Just bough new black ink cartridge but it won’t even print with it. UGH!

    • Can you give me a little more detail to see if I can help? Does the machine accept the cartridge? When you send something to print, does the printer do anything? Does it look like it is printing, but just sends through a blank page?

  5. John Chaney says:

    I know my ink cartridge is not empty, but the reset button won’t clear anything. I have tried it multiple times. My Canon will not print. My Epson had a way you could clear the memory in the cartridge.

  6. markp says:

    MP495, refilled the black cartridge (pg210), inserted black cartridge in printer, solid orange light under ‘Black Ink’, ‘1’ in LCD window, printer status application (Win7) shows message ‘Ink is running low.’ and black ‘!’ on yellow circle above black cartridge picture.

    Try to print a document forcing use of just black cartridge (printer properties => Maintenance => Ink Cartridge Settings => Black Only). Get pop up message that the Color cartridge will be used and that the Cartridge Settings (ie, Black Only) will be disabled.

    Tried pressing/holding ‘Stop/Reset’ for 6 seconds (and 10 seconds, and 20 seconds) … yellow Alarm light blinks on/off several times; released ‘Stop/Reset’ button … still have solid yellow light under ‘Black Ink’ and ‘1’ in LCD windows. Try to print again and same thing as above … popup stating the Color cartridge is going to be used.



  7. markp says:

    The original cartridge got down to ~10% full (was getting warning messages that it was low, but no ‘!’ at the time), I filled said cartridge, put cartridge in printer, status still showed ~10% full (ie, did not recognize my refill; I did not perform any button magic at the time => just put cartridge back in printer), the cartridge was usable for a little while and then stopped, at which time the ‘!’ showed up.

    • Unfortunately, when you refill the cartridge it is not possible to reset the cartridge to say you have refilled it – that is why it still said you had 10%. I can only guess that the cartridge has died electrically (the copper contacts on the side). Sounds like you may need to invest in another expensive cartridge 🙁

      Sorry I couldn’t help you this time.

  8. sue says:

    Hold the rest button for less than 1 minutes. The system will rest the last ink level. It happened to me when i reinstalled a Remanufactured cartridge for me printer from this website. I emailed and they helped me till it was sorted. Was not that difficult.

  9. Jean says:

    I can’t get the error 0,4 to stop. I replaced the ink cartridge, dont know what to do. Printer will not print.

    • Sounds like it could be a faulty cartridge. Have you tried putting the old cartridges back in the printer? They probably won’t print very well, but if they at least work, then you know that it is definitely the cartridges at fault. You could then change them over one at a time until you get the error message again, this will help you find out which one is causing the error message.

  10. george hudson says:

    when new ink has been replaced , how do I stop the error code from flashing

  11. Devota says:

    My MP495 printer refuses to print. My in cartriges are full but the following error codes keep appearing: “P 08” and “P 06”

  12. Tim Dineen says:

    I get error message 023. What do you suggest the network error could be and what is the fix?

  13. Gus says:

    I’ve bought new ink but my printer won’t except the black ink, I have purchased the recommended brand and had it replace but still comes up with an error code E 1 4
    Also the hazard light is also lite and it won’t let me complete installing laptop. Any ideas please

  14. 7inthefamily says:

    My printer is coding E 0 2, not loading paper properly. When it tries to grab the paper, the paper jolts sideways. What do I do?

    • kirk says:

      mine did the same thing, I felt around and a flash drive had fallen down by the paper rollers. its most likely some foreign object is in there

  15. amy says:

    my cartridges wont stop in the loading position. they do move, but they don’t stop….

    • Cindy says:

      I had my new cartridge installed and the printer is still saying empty .. Does anyone know how to reset ?

      • You cannot reset the cartridges, but you can tell the printer to bypass the error message by holding down the “stop/reset” button on the printer for around 5 seconds.

        • Rachel Lamay says:

          i cannot get my printer to bypass by holding down the stop/reset button. the alarm light blinks when i do that
          . i have new cartriges in but the color only prints green or blue. i’m trying for purple 🙁

  16. Tarrah says:

    My printer was feeding paper sideways too, but i talked to the technician an we were not able to fix it. Went with a new printer.

  17. CARLO GALLI says:


  18. CARLO GALLI says:


  19. Jim Sibley says:

    How do you align print head on MP495

  20. shane bowersox says:

    Getting error P, 0, 8 after paper jam on Canon mp495. Tried resetting by holding the stop/reset button for at least 6 seconds but nothing happens.

  21. NannieH says:

    My Cannon 495 is wireless. Status says ready. I’m trying to scan a document and although it will copy, it doesn’t scan. Its probably me but help please!

  22. Jenna Paul says:

    I am getting an E 03 Error message but there”s no jam and I’ve tried to reset over and over.

  23. Anne says:

    I am getting an E03 error message and there is no paper jam and it will not reset.

  24. tina says:

    my printer continues to say its offline and to check plug. I have and connected it directly to my pc to conduct maintenance, with no problem…still when attempting to print the wifi or hardline will not talk to the printer.

  25. Laura says:

    I replaced the black ink cartridge on my printer with no problems. I replaced the color cartridge yesterday and am getting error E 0 5. I pushed the reset button for 6 seconds, twice. I still cannot get the error message off so that I can make copies for work or print.

  26. Prink says:

    Recently I purchased this Canon MP495, and I love this. I am going through a great experience with this. I love the smoothness of this. Thanks!!

  27. sam says:

    Trying to scan but all I get is the letter E! Can anyone help?

  28. k walsh says:

    i cant print on my canon mp495 printer, the ‘c’ button flahes orange, what does this mean? thank you

  29. JB says:

    the black cartridge was empty so i had it filled at a shop and now the PC keeps saying it’s empty, and when pressing the reset button that message dissapears but nothing happens, and if i press OK the pages just come out blank. Again it’s the same cartridge as before but i had it re-filled at a printing shop

    • Take the cartridge out of the printer, and try dabbing the print head on a piece of kitchen towel. You should have a solid line of black ink come out. If not, there is likely a fault with the cartridge. Refills for this machine are generally pretty good, but unfortunately they sometimes fail.

  30. Arron says:

    Whilst trying to print some colour pictures with a new colour ink cartridge its says error it will print in black and white press ok to continue

    • Assuming you are using Windows, and depending on your version – click on “start”, then “control panel”. Click on the “printers” icon (may also be “devices and printers”). This should show all the printers installed on the computer. Right click on the MP495 and then select “Printer Preferences”. Choose the “maintenance” tab on the new screen. I am sure there is a button there that allows you to choose which cartridges to print with. I don’t have one installed on my computer here, so can’t be more specific.

  31. Krista says:

    Getting the message E 0 2, but there is ample paper in the feed and no paper jam.

  32. lindseyt says:

    my mp280 printer had a penny in paper tray i removed it and then it started printing without drawing paper through then when i canceled job i have error number e03 there is no paper jam how do i reset this?

    • Try switching the machine off then check for any paper jam. Switch it back on. The printer may have just been confused by the fact it hadn’t picked any paper up.

  33. Projectmomma says:

    I’m sooooo frusterated. Please help!!! My Canon MG3520 is kicking our blank pages.

    • Is it going through the motions of printing, in other words is the printer carriage going back and forth? If so, sounds like your cartridges are empty.

  34. Matthew says:

    Hi, I have error code 5200 showing and I have tried holding down the start and the red button and turning on off the printer but it does not work. Can you suggest a solution please

    • 5200 means a print head temperature error. Most likely a faulty cartridge, but could be something more terminal. Try putting some old cartridges back in first to see if it clears the error.

  35. Lisa says:

    I have a Pixma MP495, when it starts to take the paper it only pulls the left side and then errors E02.

  36. Lyn says:

    I replaced both the color and black ink cartridges and while it does print, it is coming out very light in color. How do I fix this issue?

  37. abie olivier says:


  38. m. sherwin says:

    orange led light on under c on panel

  39. Ron says:

    The button color ink and black ink flashing and in the display show number 1

    • Sounds like your black and colour cartridges are running low. The number 1 is the default display for copying – in other words, if you pressed the copy button now, it would print just 1 copy.

  40. rayan says:

    Wont print!! canon MP495.. just brought new ink 512 black. now its saying it doesn’t recognize the cartridge!! Nothing will print – not even with the old cartridges

  41. Cristina J says:

    My printer ran out of paper a few days ago while printing. I added paper and nothing would print. Ever since then I can not print. The orange light blinks twice. It feeds the paper through but just spits it right out. I have cleaned the roller, removed the ink and replaced it and nothing. My inks are low, can that be the issue? I have a canon mg3520. I’ve tried to troubleshoot everything. This is so frustrating.

  42. saira arenas says:

    i can’t turn on the printer ,always was perfect!!!!! turn on five seconds and then turn of automatically help!!

  43. Fay Elaine says:

    Printer has flashing alarm with code P02 …so i lifted top and saw that the encoder strip was off and when I reached in, i completely pulled it out and don’t know how to put it back…….can you advise ?

  44. thanks god finally I”ve found this blog, I got problem with my printer, an it helps

  45. J k rawlings says:

    My cannon mp495 keeps printing out previous requests when I switch it on.How can I stop this as I unable to print anything else.please explain in simple ord as I am of a certain age and this is all new.
    Many thanks

  46. judi says:

    Keep getting e 04 brand new cartridges. says does not recognize cartridge 210xl 211xl

  47. Kaye says:

    I cant get the scanner image onto the computer – error E31

  48. Anj says:

    Hi there, Great website.
    My canon MP495 printer won’t print from a word/pages document or the information say on a form filled out on the internet. Yet the test page works ok. No error codes either.Have done a nozzle check and head cleaning routine . Many thanks

  49. Lyndsay Lowrie says:

    Please disconnect Canon MP459 from this computer as it no longer works

  50. Paul says:

    I Tied resetting ink cartridges after re-filling now am getting an E 03 Error message but there”s no jam and I’ve tried to reset over and over. Nothing is working

  51. Aldo Rover says:

    My Printer will down load from computer

  52. Carla says:

    My printer wont print from computer in black ink? I ran out of color ink but I don’t need it, I just want the black…

  53. Ana Castro says:

    Mi impresora canon 495, no quiere salir del error p02, ya revise todo, no hay ningun objeto

  54. nelson says:

    Scan button does not respond then an error code E 3 1

  55. Lee Mark says:

    My printer Canon PIXMA MP495 not be respon when i wanna print the document what i should to do dude?