Canon MP240 - Error Codes

E 0 2 = The machine is out of paper, or the paper is not feeding.

E 0 3 = Paper Jam.

E 0 4 = Cartridge is not installed correctly.

E 0 5 = Cartridge is not installed correctly.

E 0 6 = The paper output cover is open.

E 0 7 = The cartridge is not installed in the correct position.

E 0 8 = The ink absorber is almost full.

E 1 2 = Cannot print the contents on "Creative Park Premium".

E 1 3 = The remaining ink cannot be detected.

E 1 4 = The cartridge cannot be recognised.

E 1 5 = The cartridge cannot be recognised.

E 1 6 = The ink has run out.

E 1 7 = The front tray is closed.

E 3 0 = The size of the original cannot be correctly detected, or the document is too small when the fit-to-page copying is selected. E 3 1 = The printer is not connected to the computer.

E 4 0 = The tape has not been removed from the cartridge.

E 5 0 = The scanning of the print head alignment page has failed.

P 0 7 = Ink absorber is full.

P 0 2 = The printer is jammed.

Canon MP240 - Reset Ink Levels on the Cartridge

Unfortunately, the cartridge ink levels cannot be reset on the Canon MP240. Every time a page is printed, or a head clean run, the printer writes this information to the copper contacts on the cartridges. The cartridges cannot be reset.

You can however bypass the "ink empty" message by holding down the "stop / reset" button on the printer for around five seconds for each cartridge. The printer will allow you to continue printing.

Youtube Video: Override the empty cartridge message.

Canon MP240 - Changing the Cartridges

Youtube Video: Changing the cartridges.