Canon MP230 - Printer LEDs

A flashing B light denotes that the black ink cartridge is running low. A flashing C light denotes that the colour ink cartridge is running low. If the alarm light is on (lightning bolt in a triangle) it should be accompanied by an error code.

Canon MP230 - Error Codes

The MP230 has an orange alarm LED that will flash when there is an error with the printer. The alarm LED may also flash alternately with the green power light. Count the number of times it flashes to understand what the actual error is:

  • 2 Orange flashes - Machine is out of paper / paper does not feed.
  • 3 Orange flashes - Paper jam.
  • 4 Orange flashes - The cartridge is not installed properly.
  • 5 Orange flashes - The cartridge is not installed properly.
  • 7 Orange flashes - cartridge is not installed in the correct position.
  • 8 Orange flashes - Ink absorber is almost full.
  • 13 Orange flashes - The remaining ink level cannot be detected.
  • 14 Orange flashes - The cartridge cannot be recognised.
  • 15 Orange flashes - The cartridge cannot be recognised.
  • 16 Orange flashes - The ink has run out.
  • 2 Green/Orange flashes - Carriage error.
  • 7 Green/Orange flashes - Waste ink absorber is full.
  • 10 Green/Orange flashes - Print head fault.

Canon MP230 - 3 Orange flashes

This error is normally the result of a paper jam. Small pieces of paper can get caught inside the printer mechanism if you had to rip the paper out of the machine. Have a really good look inside to see what is still stuck. It may not be paper that is causing the jam. It is quite easy to put an object on top of the printer only for it to fall in to the printer accidentally.

Canon MP230 - 4 or 5 Orange flashes

This error is shown when there is a fault with one of the cartridges. Remove both cartridges and then insert them again. Having some old cartridges around can be handy in this case. Change each cartridge in sequence until the error clears, this should help you identify which cartridge is causing the problem.

Canon MP230 - 2 Green/Orange flashes

The Canon MP230 can display this error for a few reasons. It could be that one or both of the cartridges are not inserted into the printer correctly. One or both of the cartridges may have failed electrically, and need to be replaced.

There may be a paper jam, check the printer thoroughly for any small pieces still stuck inside.

The encoder film strip may have some dirty marks on it, and therefore needs cleaning. The encoder film strip in the clear strip of plastic that the printer carriage runs on. Be extremely careful when touching this, as it is very delicate.

Canon MP230 - 7 Green/Orange flashes

This error is shown when the waste ink absorber is full in the printer. Every time the printer runs a head cleaning routine, it flushes some ink through the print heads to keep them clean and clear. That ink runs in to the waste ink absorber. It is normally a large sponge or tank.

The absorber can be can be cleaned, emptied and reset but it is an extremely difficult and messy process. This means that the printer is at the end of it's life. Be careful when moving and disposing of the printer though. The ink absorber is full and so there is a small chance of the printer leaking when it is moved! To be on the safe side, put it in a large bag first.

Canon MP230 - 10 Green/Orange flashes

This error is shown when there is a faulty cartridge or a problem with the logic board in the printer. Most cases are due to the cartridge, and can be rectified by replacing the faulty cartridge. This can be checked by installing some old cartridges to see if the error clears.

If it is the logic board, it is cheaper to replace the printer than to repair it.

Canon MP230 - Reset Ink Levels on the Cartridges

The Canon MP230 cannot physically see inside the cartridges to find out how much ink is left. The copper contacts on the outside of the cartridge contain the ink level information. It is not possible to reset the ink levels to full. If you refill your cartridge, the printer will always show an empty cartridge message.

You can override the empty cartridge message by holding down the “stop / reset” button on the printer for around five seconds. The printer should continue printing, and use any of the remaining ink in the cartridge.

If the printer thinks that both cartridges are empty, you will receive a second error message, and you will need to hold the button for another five seconds.

If the electronics on the cartridges have failed, unfortunately this process will not work.

Youtube Video: Override the empty cartridge message.

Canon MP230 - Change Ink Cartridge

Youtube Video: Change Ink Cartridge