Canon PIXMA MG2520

Canon MG2520 – Error Codes

Two flashes Machine is out of paper or paper does not feed.
Three flashes Paper jam.
Four flashes The cartridge is not installed properly.
Five flashes The cartridge is not installed properly.
Seven flashes The cartridge is not installed in the correct position.
Eight flashes Ink absorber is almost full.
Thirteen flashes The remaining ink level cannot be detected.
Fourteen flashes The cartridge cannot be recognised.
Fifteen flashes The cartridge cannot be recognised.
Sixteen flashes The ink has run out.

Canon MG2520 – Reset Ink Levels on the Cartridges

The Canon MG2520 cannot physically see inside the cartridges to find out how much ink is actually left. Instead, the copper contacts on the outside of the cartridges contain this information. The ink levels start at full. Every time a page is printed or a head cleaning routine run, the printer writes this information to the cartridge. Eventually, the cartridge will state that it is empty. However this may not be the case, and it may be possible to use the remaining ink in the cartridge.

If you have refilled your cartridge, or have purchased a remanufactured one, the copper contacts will already hold the information that the cartridge is empty. Clearly they are not, but it is not currently possible to reset the ink level information on the copper contacts of the cartridge.

Instead, you simply need to override the empty error message that is being displayed by holding down the “stop / reset” button on the printer for around five seconds. The printer should continue printing, and use any of the remaining ink in the cartridge.

If the printer thinks that both cartridges are empty, you will receive a second error message, and you will need to hold the button for another five seconds.

If the circuitry on the cartridges is actually damaged, unfortunately, this process will not work.

Youtube Video: Override the empty cartridge message.

Canon MG2520 – Change Ink Cartridge

Youtube Video: Change Ink Cartridge

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22 Responses

  1. Miss. Jay says:

    My printer blinks 3 times. I have cleared the paper jam but my printer is still blinking 3 times and will not print.

    • I have only ever known this error to mean that there is still something stuck in the printer. You will have to have a really hard look inside, it could be some small bits of ripped paper, or maybe something else completely!

  2. Miss. Jay says:

    forgot to put printer type. PIXMA MG2520

  3. Rose says:

    My printer is MG2520 it blinks 4 time continuously I only have one ink in it color could this be the problem?

  4. Jenny says:

    This happened to me, same model, 4 blinks. The inks needed to be pushed in hard until they snapped – don’t know if using one cartridge would make a difference.

  5. Doreen says:

    I just fixed my mothers mg2520 printer. It had 3 blinks indicating paper jam but nothing was visible. So after trying the door, powering off and unplugging, which didn’t fix it, I went to the maintenance and followed the instruction to clean the paper feed wheels. This procedure said to remove paper from the paper tray. Fold one piece of paper in half, press and hold both the black and color buttons for 8 seconds and release. This will engage the paper feed wheels to turn while holding the half of the folded paper and the other half feeds partial way in machine. By doing this step a puzzle piece that was causing the jam was ejected. Problem solved!

  6. Nessha says:

    I just purchased my printer & the cartridge not even a month ago, & Im unable to print and the light is yellow besides the “Black Ink” logo but its not flashing. Can you help me fix this?

    • Miller Indy says:

      You need a new black cartridge or need to refill it. The reason these printers are so cheap is that they give you “starter” ink cartridges that do not have very much ink in them. The idea is that they want to sell you very expensive (profitable) ink cartridges and cheap (loss leader) printers.

  7. Judy says:

    I have mg2520 that is giving me fits with the ink. I installed a new black cartridge XL and it say no ink. It blinks 13 times. I re-installed the cartridge and same error message. I held the reset button for 5 secs and still no help. I have turned the printer off, did a force cleaning and still no ink. Any other suggestion?

    • Miller Indy says:

      Either the cartridge you installed is defective or it is not installed correctly. First check to make sure that the cartridge is firmly seated by pulling up somewhat firmly on the cartridge while installed in the carriage. Sometimes the new cartridge will take a little “convincing” to seat all the contacts. Close the door and check for errors. If that fails to help, remove the cartridge and inspect all of the pins and contacts (the gold things) both in the printer and on the cartridge to be certain they are very clean. If they are clean and reinserting the cartridge does not help, return the cartridge for a replacement.

  8. jovonna thorne says:

    it blinks 2 times but i have paper in there??????

  9. virginia council says:

    Printer said paper jam, plus my ink cartridges arnt sliding over when i open the door

  10. francis says:

    After a jam the printer keeps on blinking 3 times. Cleaning program can not start because it thinks the printer is offline and pushing the Black and color buttons for 8 sec’s ( as suggested above) does not set anything in motion.
    Do I need to throw this printer against the wall to find small pieces inside which I can not reach in a normal way?? 🙁
    Hope someone can help..

  11. Jessica says:

    I just bought this printer. It was easy to install but now when I am printing the test page it acts like its printing but it won’t print any color. I am frustrated.

  12. Quiana says:

    My MG2520 printer keeps informing me that when I attempt to print any document there is a internal error message that pops up. How can I resolve this error message? I have been researching information on the internet and on YouTube but nothing is helpful to resolve my issue. This printer is annoying and I am attending college online, documents are printed most often this is a real inconvenience to me. No more Canon printers will I buy again.

  13. Allen says:

    Thank you, Doreen!
    I’ve no idea how you learned of this fold paper, press buttons, count to 8 trick (or if you figured it out by trial & error) but it worked for me, as well. My printer is brand new, only ran 2 pages through before it stopped feeding, no jams, no puzzle pieces or cat hairs. Your tip seems to force the paper feeder to reset properly. BIG hugs. I HATE on-line manuals.

    TO: Quiana
    Whenever you ask for help in a forum, I’ve found that you get the best help/feedback if you provide as much info as possible. You left off two important pieces of info – you mentioned an ERROR MESSAGE… but you don’t say what it is. Also, how many times does your ERROR LIGHT blink.

  14. vernon says:

    P! O!! S!!! can’t find any troubleshooting worth reading!!! Would be better off driving the 50 mile round trip to kinkos

  15. ishootmovies says:

    Does anyone have a legit way to reset the low ink indicator!? I have refilled the cartridge and installed it correctly but still the black ink low indicator light stays on. Tried holding down the stop button for 5 seconds, unplugging and plugging back in both the power cord and usb cable with now luck.

  16. Donnie Schoepf says:

    Have MG printer and pics have streaks on color. Even tho set on color the black color light is on

  17. Donnie Schoepf says:

    Color pics have streaks when printed