Brother HL-2130 - Reset Toner Cartridge

If your Brother HL-2130 does not reset properly after putting in a new cartridge, and is still showing a 'toner low' or 'toner empty' message, it is possible to manually reset the printer:

  1. Ensure the printer is turned off.
  2. Open the printer front cover.
  3. Hold the Go button while turning the printer on.
  4. When the Toner, Drum, and Error LEDs are on and the Ready LED is off, release the GO button. All of the LEDs will turn off.
  5. Press the Go button two (2) times. The Toner, Drum, and Error LEDs will turn on.
  6. Press the Go button six (6) times.
  7. The Error LED should now be flashing, close the front cover.

Brother HL-2130 - Reset Drum

After changing a DR2200 drum unit in a Brother HL-2130, the printer’s page count needs to be reset. This will turn off the drum warning light on the printer.

Simply open the front cover, and hold the GO button until all four LED’s are lit. Release the GO button and close the front cover.

Youtube Video: Reset Drum

Brother HL-2130 - Change Toner Cartridge

Youtube Video: Change Toner Cartridge

Brother HL-2130 - Print Test Page

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Hold the GO button while you turn the printer on. Hold the button until the Toner, Drum and Error LEDs light up. Release GO, the LEDs will turn off.
  3. Press GO once more, and the printer will print a test page.

Brother HL-2130 - Print Settings Page

  1. Turn the printer on and wait until it is in Ready mode.
  2. Press GO three (3) times within two (2) seconds. The printer will print a settings page.

Brother HL-2130 - Factory Reset

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Hold the GO button while you turn the printer on. Hold the button until all the LEDs light up and the Ready LED light turns off.
  3. Release GO, all the LEDs will turn off.
  4. Press GO ten (10) times. The printer will automatically restart.

Brother HL-2130 - All Four Lights Flashing

All four lights flashing on a Brother HL-2130 means a severe fault with the printer. You can discover what the actual problem is by pressing the Go button on the printer.

The lights on the printer should change:

  • Just the error light means a main PCB failure.
  • Just the toner light means a fuser unit failure.
  • Just the drum light means a laser unit failure.
  • Toner and error light means main motor failure.
  • Toner and drum light means high voltage failure.
  • Drum and error light means fan failure.
  • Toner, drum and error light means Zero Cross failure. Unfortunately it means contacting Brother for a repair.